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Preparing People for Work, Learning and Life!

We are  here to help you upgrade your skills for employment, education, apprenticeship and independence.

At Connections Adult Learning we realize our world is rapidly changing and it's easy to fall behind. That's why we are here to help you upgrade your skills to meet the challenges of the 21st century. 

Our focus is on 9 Skills for Success: Reading, Writing, Numeracy, Digital, Problem Solving, Communication, Creativity & Innovation, Collaboration, and Adaptability. These foundational skills enable you to be more successful in your work, learning and life.

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What Our Learners Are Saying

"Trainers were very well informed on the subject taught, very patient, and extremely helpful."

“The courses that are being offered have changed my confidence while working with computers! Thank you so much.” 

“I learned Google Slides and now can learn more on my own.” 

"I recently completed the online version of the QuickBooks course at

Connections Adult Learning, I found the outline of the course to be

easy to use and understand. The instructor was very pleasant to

deal with. Her knowledge of the course was helpful as she was

available to help anytime. This was my first experience with

Connections Adult Learning and it was a pleasure and I hope to use

them in the future."

"It was a great course because I was new to computers. I learned a lot of useful information and gained much needed computer experience under a very patient instructor. Thank you so much for this opportunity. It is really helpful in my volunteer work."

“I learned lots about iPad and iPhone. Made me more comfortable to search it. Teacher was kind, friendly, professional and (a) nice person.” 

"I'm retired and over 75 and because of all I learned at your terrific course I can use the Smart Phone that my family insisted I get. Also very valuable were the handouts we received which I can refer to whenever I have a "senior moment". Thank you for making these courses available to us."

“I really enjoyed the class! I have learned lots. There was no rushing and everything was explained.”